Reboot your B2B Brand

There was the pre-Covid world and then there’s now.

The way your business works, how you serve customers and even what you have to offer is likely to have fundamentally changed.

So has your brand kept up?

There’s never been a better time to re-evaluate how you position and present your brand.

It’s a chance to unite your business, to inspire your people and set them on a new path. To re-orientate your brand around the changing needs of customers.

This isn’t just for now, but for the long-game. Meaningful differentiation = long-term growth.

Where do you want to grow from here?

At Earnezt, we believe we’re ideally placed to help. We specialize in working with B2B brands at the point of change with big ambitions:

  • Brands that want to rethink the way they position themselves to challenge the status quo
  • Brands that want to make customers, talent or partners, think, feel and act differently
  • Brands that want to accelerate growth

We’re award-winning B2B specialists with a proven track-record – bringing together strategic thinking, creativity and digital know-how to help businesses make an impact.

Where we've done it before

McGill and Partners

The challenge

McGill and Partners is a brand new boutique insurance broker, and they needed a brand identity that delivered a powerful statement about how unlike any other firm it is.

The Solution

The key was in recognising that the new firm views itself as a ‘respectful disruptor.’ McGill and Partners is newly fit for purpose in a fast-moving world, whilst also carrying forward the best qualities of its industry, so we set out to create a campaignable identity that both acknowledges the past and faces the future.

And most importantly, we created a brand that didn’t look like anyone else in their market.

Our scope:

New brand, website and ongoing campaign activity

See the full case study


The challenge

How could OAG show their evolved strategy and elevate themselves to a C-suite conversation?

The Solution

We worked with OAG’s product and strategy leaders to reframe and restructure their product portfolio around customer needs. This meant customers could navigate OAG solutions based on whether they were looking to ‘Grow’, ‘Streamline’ or ‘Delight’.

And we developed a cohesive, consistent new visual identity for the new OAG brand that resonated far better with the key B2B decision-makers they were looking to engage with.

Our scope:

Re-brand, product portfolio alignment & Website

See the full case study

Delivering an invigorated brand and secure site for a secure business.

The challenge

Underinvested in for years, Outseer, a once-pioneering firm in cybersecurity, wanted to revitalize its brand, website, and messaging to once again be at the forefront of its industry.

The Solution

Showcase to customers that security and enablement of payments are not mutually exclusive; with Outseer’s market-leading technology, both are equally as important and possible.

We created positioning, visual identity and a website that were energetic, innovative and customer-focused, highlighting the invigorated attention to this business and it’s renewed commitment to customer experience and innovation.

Our Scope

Re-brand & Website

Visit the website


The challenge

How could Savanta bring together five different companies into a single cohesive, impactful brand that all stakeholders could be proud of?

The Solution

We ran a process that kept internal teams central throughout – starting with an interactive brand workshop ensuring collaboration and alignment.

Our scope:

Re-brand and internal launch

See the full case study

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