B2B content marketing is a golden opportunity for a brand to demonstrate how much value it has to offer, in addition to its indisputable relevance to prospects and customers. Most B2B content, however, is a bit drab.

We help B2B brands to stand out from the crowd through content programs that not only delight their audiences but also spurs valuable conversation between sales teams and prospective customers.

Our content process


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An effective B2B content marketing program starts with defining the audience, what success looks like and ultimately scope.

We start this process with our clients to agree and document

  • The brief.
  • Business and marketing objectives, including KPIs.
  • Subject matter experts who can contribute their insights to the programme.
  • Budget and timings (great content often takes more time and money than you think!)

Insight gathering

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Great B2B content needs great insight to make original, helpful and relevant to the customer.

To find those often elusive insights we go through a discovery process that involves:

  • Audience mapping and personas (either existing or developing new).
  • Topic salience, competitor and keyword analysis – ensuring we find relevant gaps to fill.
  • Stakeholder interviews – tapping into the often underutilized internal expertise.

Content strategy

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We develop B2B content strategy that’s founded on the insight we’ve uncovered.

At this stage in the process, we work with you to create:

  • A unifying theme – something that’s different and memorable.
  • A map of planned content, aligned to the buyer journey.
  • A plan of how we’ll distribute and amplify the content – through owned, earned and paid channels.

Content creation

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Once the plan’s agreed, our content team then create the assets for the content marketing program – according to the schedule and budget.

For each piece of content we develop:

  • A content plan, based on insights gathered and inputs from subject matter experts.
  • Copy, design, animation/video – depending on the asset in question.
  • SEO optimization and keywords.

Our content work

Our content insight