Delivering an invigorated brand and secure site for a secure business.

Delivering an invigorated brand and secure site for a secure business.

A pioneering name in the payment and transaction fraud industry, RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence had an opportunity to re-establish their reputation as an innovative and future-focused leader in the world of cybersecurity. Being spun off from its parent company, it required a new identity and manifesto to excite, educate and empower both internal employees and external investors and customers.

The surge in online payment activity brought about by continued digitization and accelerated by the pandemic was leading to increased vulnerabilities and opportunities for fraud. Yet, despite increased fraud, customers still deserved a frictionless experience during their transactions. We determined that the interplay between security and customer convenience was the key to differentiating Outseer from its competitors.

With the new face and voice of the company being developed, it was critical to convey to the leading payment providers in the world that security and enablement of payments are not mutually exclusive; with Outseer’s market-leading technology and innovation, both are equally as important and possible.

We created new positioning messaging, visual identity and a website that conveyed that both sides of the coin are possible: enablement of payments and fraud prevention.

The color schemes and language used were energetic, innovative and customer-focused, highlighting the invigorated attention to this business and it’s renewed commitment to customer experience and innovation.

_ 20% over site session duration target
_ 7 demo requests in week one - 233% over target
_ 152% over social channel follower target