Hindsight is 2020

Hindsight is 2020

Shining a positive light on 2020

2020 has been a year to remember, to say the least. And although it seemed to feature one dreadful news story after the other, there have been spotlights of positivity in-between the disarray.

Many of the unfortunate events of 2020 have caused us to look within and realize how much better we, and the world can be. It has made this year one of growth for us and our peers.

And if we focus on the positives, we can see that it has been there in all of us, all along.

So here are our 10 best positive pandemic stories. The stories that have warmed our hearts in the NYC ‘office’ and kept a smile on our face this year.

1. Distilleries use their resources to help make hand sanitizer during height of the pandemic


When Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, many essential items were scarce, including hand sanitizer. To help control the spread of the virus, distilleries across the country halted their production of spirits and converted their operation to producing the ever-important disinfectant.

2. Automakers help make ventilators


While positive Covid cases were rapidly rising across the US, the medical device industry was not able to handle the volume of ventilators needed. Ford, GM and Tesla all stepped up during the national shortage and helped manufacturer ventilator machines.

3. USA Today’s best-selling books showed us how serious non-people of color were taking recent events

Best Selling books list

Amid social unrest, books like Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” and Ibrahim X. Kendi’s “How to be an Antiracist” topped the bestselling books list in the summer months.

4. Fast food restaurants shared their secret recipes


During quarantine, some of us had to face our deepest fears, our kitchens! Fortunately, a myriad of restaurants and fast food chains shared their famous recipes to assist us in this new odyssey.

5. Drive in movies made a comeback


One of America’s favorite pastimes is going to the movies, especially during the summer when blockbuster hits are released. With theaters closed, a bit of nostalgia entered the atmosphere. Drive-in theaters with a modern twist were introduced to us.

6. Mother nature got a well-deserved break


As we’re all aware, global warming is rapidly causing more and more natural disasters across the globe. A silver lining to most of us staying at home is that carbon emissions dropped dramatically in the US (and globally).

7. Animals needing rescue found families


As pet adopted increased during quarantine many animals found the rescue home they’d been waiting for.  

8. Teachers get the credit they deserve


After most parents/guardians had to start homeschooling or being more active with their children’s education due to remote learning, everyone realized just how much respect educators deserve.

9. Healthcare and essential workers are applauded


Throughout the spring and summer, healthcare workers and first responders were showered with applause at 7pm every night by locals throughout NYC’s 5 boroughs. It was a much deserved ‘thank you’!

10. And finally, tickets to the best show in town!

The hardest show on Broadway to get tickets for, Hamilton, is now available for stream via Disney plus!

Did we miss any? Share your favorite stories from 2020 and let’s all continue to strive to be better!

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash.


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