Convincing your CEO now is the time to invest in brand

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Convincing your CEO now is the time to invest in brand

You’ve no doubt noticed, the world has gone a little topsy-turvy in recent times.

Chances are your market, your business and your customers have changed – impacting attitudes, preferences and behaviours, potentially for good.

So is it time for your brand to adapt too – to truly resonate and stay relevant, while re-energising people across your business?

We firmly believe investment in your brand now, will deliver both short-term benefits and even larger dividends in the long-run.

Building a business case

Our new guide ‘Convincing your CEO now is the time to invest in brand’ has been designed to help you understand and build a persuasive case to reboot your brand, getting even the most difficult stakeholders on board.

Within the guide, we put forward four key arguments, backed by data:

  1. Building more share of voice for your brand than your share of market is proven to drive growth
  2. Investing more money in brand campaigns not only helps acquire new customers, but increases the value of existing customers
  3. Buyers gravitate to brands they’re familiar with – it reduces the perception of risk and increases trust
  4. Brand building has a cumulative long-term effect, reducing the cost of customer acquisition by driving more inbound opportunities

The bottom line: repositioning and investing in building your brand presence can really pay dividends. More than impacting your market share growth, profitability and revenue, it can also make employees proud and ensure you’re the first choice for new talent.

Download the guide below and drop us an email if you’d like to talk about investing in your brand.

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